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Marc O'Polo Fragrance Men und Women

Name of Entry:
Marc O'Polo Fragrance Men und Women
Carton Converter:
Carl Edelmann GmbH
Brand Owner:
Beauty Brands International
Cartonboard Manufacturer:

A valuable look and perfect logistics
The briefing was extensive: type of fragrance, target group, visual requirements and the marketing concept were clearly defined. A comprehensive project meeting included the design agency, confectionary contractor, carton manufacturer, glass supplier, nozzle manufacturer and the customer. An ideal starting point for Edelmann to convert the “robust” brand image into an integrated overall concept.
The packaging series for Fragrance Men and Women had an extremely sturdy appearance. Base, lid and collar are reinforced by doubling the material, giving the strength of a rigid box. The packaging is supplied flat and pre-glued to save on transport and storage costs: the individual components can be erected, folded and assembled without further glueing. This variable concept makes it possible for different sizes of bottles (Men and Women) to use the same outer packaging.
The design of the carton mirrors the bottle. Bottle and packaging are rectangular and have a robust look, with a recessed surface on the front which displays the Marc O`Polo label. The carton is printed and the interior components embossed with a lined structure (black for Men, white for Women), giving a pleasant feel.
The new carton was well accepted – both by their own Marc O`Polo shops as well as by the perfumeries. Not really surprising: it stands out well from other products on the shelf.

Jury comments

The Judges were very impressed with these cartons as they looked sophisticated, smart and would be highly appealing on the shelf in a market that is crowded with excellent packaging. The comparative simplicity of the look hid the complexity of the design and the cut out panel on the front gave a depth that was very appealing. The carton also suited the bottle inside so giving a fully coherent image to the consumer. The graphics were not complex yet truly effective and the overall impression was one of quality and elegance.


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