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Universelle Setverpackung

Name of Entry:
Universelle Setverpackung
Carton Converter:
Carl Edelmann GmbH
Brand Owner:
Colténe/ Whaledent AG
Structural Designer:
Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer:
Colténe/ Whaledent AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Variations on a theme

In mid-September 2008 Coltène/Whaledent assigned development to Carl Edelmann. The customer’s brief was clear and precise. Excellent product presentation, coupled with easy handling and filling. The general idea was to replace moulded plastic components by cartonboard. As a result, Edelmann came up with the concept of combining all kits in a modular design made of cartonboard.

The basic modules, such as tray, lid and sleeve always remain identical. The inserts can be selected in accordance with the various products. The modular design reduces tooling costs, increases cost effectiveness and facilitates packing.

The main difference to the previous plastic packaging was the choice of material. Cartonboard offers a superior quality appearance, especially in terms of appealing haptics, and also better printability. The bright white carton also underpins the appearance of “clean, spotless” packaging, which is extremely important for presentation in dental surgeries.

The finished packaging was supplied in March 2009, only six months after development commenced. The change from plastic to environmentally-friendly carton as well as the user friendly design were well received by customers and sales personnel, and in fact caused quite a stir worldwide. This new concept is being taken a step further, new modules already exist for larger kits, using existing elements.

Jury comments

The Judging panel were most impressed with the new design that with a single piece carton replaced a totally plastic two piece pack. It was well designed, functional and easy to open and close and inside the contents were separated by dividers making it simple for the user to find the correct item. Now made from 100% cartonboard, this carton was more sustainable and easy to recover and recycle and had significant advantages over its plastic predecessor. A fine example of replacing one pack with a more sustainable alternative.