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Duracell Obelix Packaging

Name of Entry:
Duracell Obelix Packaging
Carton Converter:
Van Genechten Packaging
Brand Owner:
Procter & Gamble / Duracell
Structural Designer:
Van Genechten Nicolaus
Graphic Designer:
Procter & Gamble
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Big and sustainable

Duracell and Van Genechten have been close partners for years in the packaging of batteries. At the end of 2006 Duracell prepared a brief for project “Obelix”. Market research had shown that consumption of battery packs containing more than eight batteries had increased over the past years.

A compact, reclosable pack was to be created for this new segment. The use of a single packaging material – preferably cartonboard – was stipulated to accommodate environmental aspects. To improve customer convenience the packaging had to be reusable after removal of some of the batteries – in contrast to many other packs which are destroyed when removing batteries.

Based on these requirements, the development team of Van Genechten Nicolaus in Kempten developed several concepts. Together with the Duracell marketing team and the Duracell packaging developers in Heist a decision was made in favour of the “D-Click” closure concept. An oval dot of adhesive affords protection against theft, and yet it is easy to open and close.

The packaging closes firmly, preventing any loss of batteries. A window lets customers see how many batteries are left at a glance. The Obelix packaging was marketed in mid-2008 and was so well received that work has started on a second line – for up to 24 batteries and with a further improved closing mechanism.

Jury comments

Whilst the Judges had seen similar packs for batteries, this they felt took the basic design thoughts a stage further. Made entirely of cartonboard, this new carton made dispensing easy but also had a simple closure device built in that enabled the users to close it after taking out some batteries and not have the problem of the rest of the batteries falling out. This therefore offered advantages to users and the simple yet effective construction made is easy and intuitive to use. The bold graphics reinforce the brand and this made for good attractive display in store.


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