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Le Chef Chocolatier

Name of Entry:
Le Chef Chocolatier
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Carton Converter:
Cartotecnica Chierese - Groupe Fincarta
Structural Designer:
Cartotecnica Chierese
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Pure finesse

How to highlight the perfect product and give it that something special. In close cooperation Cartotecnica Chierese – Groupe Fincarta and their customer Goldkenn came up with a most convincing and surprising solution. The “inner circle” included the designer, carton manufacturer and Goldkenn’s marketing team. The latter provided the initial input, the rest was close cooperation.

Originally the box structure was conceived as a bottle pack and the concept was modified at a later stage and the idea of packaging to resemble a chef’s hat became the core idea. Our intentions were clear: to create an impression of very high quality – not a mass product – and very close to looking handmade.

Compared with conventional packaging “Toque du chef” is round, but can be stored and transported flat. Cartonboard was the material of choice from the word go, as this was the only way to give the packaging that realistic chef’s hat look. The time span from the initial concept to market was nearly six months.

The packaging was extremely well received owing to its highly innovative qualities in the food sector. Starting from the initial pack size of 180 g, the product range has now been extended to include a further two sizes, all based on the same concept.

Jury comments

In terms of quality and shelf impact, the Judges felt that this carton was superb. It was striking in its design and functional in use as it was easy to open and also easy to close after opening. The detail in the clever creasing added to the shelf impact it had and the quality of the design both graphical and structural came together to show what excellence can be achieved in carton packaging. The Judges felt that this was a carton that would be recognised easily, would attract attention and be a perfect gift. In summary – an excellent winner.