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Cognac Extra DE LUZE

Name of Entry:
Cognac Extra DE LUZE
Carton Converter:
Van Genechten Packaging
Brand Owner:
De Luze
Structural Designer:
VG Goossens
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Luxury meets pleasure

The customer, Cognac De Luze, was looking for a box to present its “Extra” decanter. The marketing manager briefed Van Genechten on what they were looking for – a straightforward box with clean lines to display the decanter, while at the same time retaining an element of mystery.

The product is a limited edition. This Extra Grande Champagne Cognac has been rested to fully mature over a long ageing period, culminating in a single barrel finish during the years of 2007 and 2008. To reflect the prestige of this product it deserves to be presented in an original manner.

The sales manager for the brand visited with Van Genechten’s specialists in Angoulême and immediately chose this box, because it allows a partial display of the decanter and the decanter can also be returned to the box after use.

Kraft cartonboard was chosen for the body of the box to best present the “Terroir” and “Nature” aspects, while the banner is printed on the white part of the support. The clean graphic design ties in completely with the range of De Luze cognacs. Moreover, the printed banner reflects the purety of the pewter plaque on the decanter.

Jury comments

In exactly the same way as this would attract attention at the point of sale, so this carton attracted the Judges attention. Made using the reverse side of the cartonboard on the outside, the design would stand out clearly on the retail shelf and immediately attract the attention of shoppers. In a market dominated by high quality print and finishes, the simplicity of the design had immediate impact. In addition the structural design, which allowed the bag in which the bottle was contained to show through the gap in the carton added to the surprise and impact this would have at the point of sale.


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