One Dose Packaging

Official name of entry:
One Dose Packaging
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Syngenta Crop Protection
Carton Converter:
Limmatdruck/ Zeiler (COPACO)
Structural Designer:
Syngenta Crop Protection Limmatdruck/ Zeiler (COPACO)
Graphic Designer:
Syngenta Crop Protection
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Mayr Melnhof
Jury comments

The Judges had never before seen a pack with this type of opening. As this product is potentially dangerous and needs to be used in measured portions, the design was a combination of a pouch containing the product and a cartonboard sleeve that protected the pouch and carried the necessary information. However, the opening system was very practical, safe and simple. Simply by tearing the top of the carton, this at the same time opened the pouch so that the products could then be poured safely from the pack. Cleverly designed, simple to use and safe to transport the Judges considered this an excellent pack.


Gruppo Cartotecnico Abar Litofarma 1

Gruppo Cartotecnico Abar Litofarma

Official name of entry: Gruppo Cartotecnico Abar Litofarma
Carton Converter: Gruppo Cartotecnico Abar Litofarma
Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG 1

Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Official name of entry: Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Carton Converter: Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG