Shelf Ready & Display


Last Minute

Name of Entry:
Last Minute
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Comet Corsetteria s.r.l.
Carton Converter:
Lucaprint s.p.a.
Structural Designer:
Virginio Scalabrin
Graphic Designer:
Claim adv
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Reno de Medici & M-real
Jury comments

In this category, the entry Last Minute stood out amongst all the others as an excellent example of Display Packaging. The box when closed gives a clear indication of the products inside. Once opened the various colours of the boxes that are stacked inside, refer to the type of ladies underwear it contains and at the same time simple size indications offer ease of use to consumers. Not only colourful but also practical and easily recognisable at the point of sale.