Flexi Lederbag

Name of Entry:
Flexi Lederbag
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Flexi-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG
Carton Converter:
Hammer GmbH-Faltschachtelwerk
Structural Designer:
Hammer GmbH Faltschachtelwerk
Graphic Designer:
Flexi-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Stora Enso
Jury comments

This box contains a product for a niche market and would make a special gift. Inside the box is a high quality leather belt that holds a dog leash and also has space for a mobile phone. The front of the box has a window in it so that consumers can easily see the contents and with the pull apart opening system the products is presented in its full glory. Furthermore the elegant printing is a perfect preparation for the product inside.


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Acket drukkerij kartonnage b.v.

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Carton Converter: Acket drukkerij kartonnage b.v.
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