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Name of Entry:
Carton Converter:
August Faller KG
Brand Owner:
Ratiopharm GMBH
Structural Designer:
Meinrad Albrecht - Ratiopharm GMBH, Steffen LAICH - AUGUST Faller KG
Graphic Designer:
Werner Griesinger / Armin LEIFICK - Ratiopharm GMBH
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
MM Baiersbronn Karton
Jury comments

A design that truly combines the needs of the customer in use with the requirement for safety and security. The tablets are vacuum packed and held in an internal sleeve that can be removed using the perforated edge so that the part containing the tablets can easily be carried in a pocket or handbag. Clear instructions showed how it could be used and the design also included a means for recording when the tablets were taken to ensure that a dose was not forgotten. Ideal functionality well thought through was what appealed especially to the judges.


M-Real Meulemans 1

M-Real Meulemans

Name of Entry: M-Real Meulemans
Carton Converter: M-Real Meulemans