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  • Anzündballen 251º 1

Anzündballen 251º

Name of Entry:
Anzündballen 251º
Carton Converter:
Limmatdruck/ Zeiler (COPACO)
Brand Owner:
Lindner Verpackungen GmbH

For this octagonal package, 5 colour offset printing was used. The package has several tear strips that allows a simple and efficient use of the four sections. The barbecue starter has bright red graphics and a background of wood shavings, the actual product. Both package and product are natural materials. The octagonal form of the package gives the wood shavings, which are sensitive to humidity changes, the freedom to vary in volume. The cartonboard used for the package was Simcote 270 gm2 and for the lid, Simcote 270 gm2, with a 20gm² PE coating.

Jury comments

The Judges agreed that this entry deserved the award for the most innovative carton or new use of cartonboard as they had never before seen a carton that was designed to be consumed along with the product it contains. As well as an interesting and eye catching shape supported by strong graphics, the attention to detail in the overall design impressed the jury. For example, a book of matches was glued to the bottom of the package so making use of the product even easier for the consumer. In short therefore, the holistic nature of the product and the carton led the jury to award this entry the prize for the Most Innovative Use of Cartonboard.