Carton of the Year


Suchard Imagine/
Terry's Imagine

Name of Entry:
Suchard Imagine/
Terry's Imagine
Carton Converter:
Model PrimePac
Brand Owner:
Kraft Foods
Cartonboard Manufacturer:

For this package 6 colour offset printing was used, iriodin varnish in combination with dispersion and UV spot varnish. The embossing and the iriodin varnish give the package a “leather” feel, which is enhanced through the handbag shape of the carton. The easy opening and closing of the carton provides extra convenience for the consumer. The package is machine filled and the carton board used was Incada Silk 300 gm2.

Jury comments

The jury was of the same opinion that this package stood out in shape, printing and design. The unusual shape stands out on the shelf, important in a competitive market such as confectionery. When opened at home, the construction of the carton invites and allows easy sharing of the sweets. It is a fun table package where the bright colours not only enhance the playful design but also reflect the flavour of the sweets. Overall an exceptional carton that attracts, functions and delivers.