• Eco Clip 1

Eco Clip

Name of Entry:
Eco Clip
Carton Converter:
Van Genechten Packaging
Brand Owner:
Albert Heijn Retailers

For this entry, 6-colour offset printing was used as well as a matt dispersion varnish. The clip is made from recyclable board and is easy to remove from the bottle, which makes it simpler for the consumer to separate the clip and bottle for recycling purposes. A special machine was developed for the Eco clip which ensures a higher output of bottles during production than is possible with traditional labels. The production process is better controlled and there is little waste. The cartonboard used is CKB 185 gsm.

Jury comments

The judges were very pleased with this new use of carton board. This shows the ability of carton makers to enter into new areas, traditionally not associated with carton board. The Eco Clip replaces the traditional label and is at the same time tamper proof. Because of its unusual shape it stands out in the range of fresh juices. The contents, freshly squeezed fruit juices are sold in different varieties and the shape and colour of the Eco Clip clearly indicates the product type and reinforces the visual appeal. The “eco design” reflects and strengthens the traditional image that this product has and overall indicates clearly that simplicity works.


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A&R Carton GmbH

Name of Entry: A&R Carton GmbH
Carton Converter: A&R Carton GmbH
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Field Packaging Bradford

Name of Entry: Field Packaging Bradford
Carton Converter: Field Packaging Bradford