Carton of the Year


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Merci Pur Megabon

Name of Entry:
Merci Pur Megabon
Carton Converter:
CP Schmidt Verpackungs-Werk
Brand Owner:
Storck Service
Structural Designer:
Storck Service
Graphic Designer:
Storck Service
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Stora Paperboard

Carton retail packaging for chocolates, which gives a sweet wrapper effect.

Due to the excellent innovative form of this packaging, seasonal products can have a pronounced impact on the consumer. The construction defies the classical form of a folding box as it complies to the trapezium, form of the product (chocolates). High quality printing and gold hot-foil stamping further enhance the product value.
The manufacturing of the packaging is fully automated whereby a new part application and sealing method is used to manufacture the side flaps.

The specification to which this packaging has been developed is shown in it’s convenience features
(simple opening and closing) as well as it’s optical features (the diagonal side window enhances the view of each chocolate).