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PaperSeal® MAP Tray Burger Solution

Name of Entry:
PaperSeal® MAP Tray Burger Solution
Brand Owner:
ICA Gruppen
Structural Designer:
Elliot Hithersay
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
The Perfect Burger Combo

This solution replaces traditionally black or clear plastic modified atmosphere packaging burger trays. It is a sustainable alternative that also resolves sealing issues, ensures maximum product freshness and shelf-life – without leaks. This virgin cartonboard pack reduces plastic by 80% compared to traditional MAP trays. Its paper base can be easily separated from the barrier lining for recycling. The board is produced from renewable fibre, sourced from 95% sustainably managed Scandinavian forests. It is strong with low grammage so achieves maximum performance with lightweighting potential. The tray features a one-piece cartonboard blank that is hermetically sealed to reduce leaks and contamination and to keep it fresher for longer and minimise food waste. The pack’s rounded corners mirror the previous design to increase shelf appeal and maintain consumer familiarity with the brand. The cartonboard features a high-white printing surface that can be graphically printed inside and out, offering enhanced branding opportunities, increasing shelf appeal and enabling the retailer to set its tray apart from the competition.

Jury comment by Satkar Gidda

“PaperSeal®“ replaces plastic trays, thereby reducing plastic use compared to traditional modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) by a huge amount. The pack is aesthetically pleasing, it has excellent design detail and by keeping the rounded corners of the previous pack it remains a familiar design to its customers. The transparent inner lining of the pack, as well as the outer carton, carry product branding and consumer communication.