Karlo Spoon

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Karlo Spoon
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Cardbox Packaging
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The Spoon that Cuts Plastic

“Karlo Spoon” was developed in cooperation with customer Greiner Packaging in response to the 2021 ban on disposable plastic cutlery in the EU. It is made entirely from cartonboard, an ecological plastic-free solution that is fully recyclable with other paper waste. The spoon is made from virgin fibres that are approved for contact with food, while a water-based coating on the board ensures the spoon can be safely used for consumption. The spoon is delivered folded which minimises the chance of damage to the spoon structure and also enables it to be attached to a product or inserted into a lid – of a yoghurt, for example. The consumer can easily unfold the spoon and use it immediately. The spoon shape of the pack means that food can be scooped up and consumed without spillage. The pack can be printed enabling branding opportunities in its folded form and can display instructions for unfolding and using the spoon.

Jury comment by Jean-René Truttmann

The jury has not seen many products on the market like this spoon and we believe it will be really popular with consumers. The spoon is delivered folded so is very compact, is easy to unpack and assemble and the structural design ensures that it holds food really well. Disposable cutlery was previously made of plastic, sometimes of wood, but this one is 100% paper based making it recyclable and sustainable.