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Plastic-free toothbrush packaging

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Plastic-free toothbrush packaging
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Karl Knauer
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The Difference is Clear

The Aquafresh/Dr.BEST toothbrush packaging is plastic-free and made from around 90% sustainably-sourced and recyclable materials. The pack is made from recycled, FSC-certified cartonboard. It features an innovative plant-based and consumer-friendly non-plastic window meaning that the consumer can still see the toothbrush head and familiar flex-zone neck. The window film uses only GMO-free, fast-growing plants from certified FSC or PEFC forests so there is no need to separate the film from the rest of the packaging when recycling as it decomposes free from harmful substances. The material combination of cartonboard, foils, inks and lacquers can still be used in an industrial blister packing process. Sustainable packaging has a growing relevance for consumers, they pay more attention to it when shopping for products, so the new toothbrush packaging has been developed to attract attention at the point of sale.

Jury comment by Dr. Janet Shipton

This cartonboard pack reduces the use of plastic which in turn reduces tonnes of waste. It is well designed, is very pleasing to the eye, owing to the use of natural cartonboard and is also very tactile. It’s a really nicely designed and well-made pack!