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Mergulo Plant Based Butter Carton

Name of Entry:
Mergulo Plant Based Butter Carton
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Robert Ackroyd
Graphic Designer:
George Kelly
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
A Good Spread

The “Mergulo Plant Based Butter Carton“ is a fibre-based, recyclable alternative to plastic packs that was designed to reflect the brand’s natural, sustainable ethos. The carton features a hinged lid with friction closure that ensures that the pack remains closed and robust throughout the supply chain, while preserving the organic products inside. These features also enable the achievement of optimum shelf presence and ensure consumer convenience from shelf to fridge. The pack is constructed from polyethylene-free board that combines moisture and grease barriers that prevent the risk of leaking or staining of the pack yet still remaining recyclable and biode – gradable through ordinary waste collection systems. The Mergulo pack is a one-piece construction planned to optimise the sheet usage, reduce waste and it is supplied flat to cut CO2 emissions in transit. The pack can be easily assembled by hand.

Jury comment by Jean-René Truttmann

The overall design of this carton is very well thought through. It is constructed in one piece which features both a lid and a smart safety closure. The message this packaging conveys to the consumer is one of sustain – ability and quality, matching the organic product inside. The packaging is very pure, very simple and as it is recyclable, it reinforces the ethos of the brand. Being of one-piece construction, the carton offers optimum machinability.