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Fruit Basket

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Fruit Basket
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
MM Neupack
Graphic Designer:
EZS Identtechnik Grafik
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Looking Fruity

The “Fruit Basket” was developed for storing and carrying stoned fruits as an alternative to traditional plastic thermoform trays. Consumers buying fruit in this pack get a plastic-free, sustainable packaging solution that displays the product both from the top of the pack as well as through the integrated air holes in each side. This folding pack, made from flexible and environmentally-friendly brown cartonboard, can be branded and easily adapted to fit different fruit sizes and customer’s individual requirements. The integrated round handles give the pack the appearance of a small carrying basket.

Jury comment by Susanne Lippitsch

This fruit packaging combines functionality with great design and sustainability. Produced flat, the basket unfolds with a simple movement of the hand, offering plenty of space and protection for its contents. The round shape of the two grip holes resembles traditional fruit-basket handles. The design provides sufficient circulation around the fruit and also allows the consumer to see the goods.