Carton of the Year


Bodegas Balsamic

Name of Entry:
Bodegas Balsamic
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Bodegas Toro Albalà
Structural Designer:
Durero Packaging
Graphic Designer:
Series Nemo
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Blooming Beautiful Balsamic

The “Bodegas Balsamic” gift pack designed for Toro Albalà 25 and 50 year old cured balsamic vinegar reflects its Spanish roots in a number of ways. The case is composed of 4 pieces which self-lock when assembled and when opened they are arranged one inside the other to resemble a Spanish fan. Inside the pack, copper hot stamping decoration reflects the colour of the carnation flowers which are native to the city of Cordoba.

The effect of a flower coming into bloom is accentuated by embossing and matt black varnish on the outside of the pack which mirrors the opening of flower petals. The gift case not only protects the glass bottle inside but also provides a base to support and display the product in style at the point of sale.

Jury comment by Dr. Janet Shipton

This pack is a fine example of gift packaging. The construction presents and protects the product beautifully. I liked the dramatic effect of the outer packaging fanning out to reveal the bottle inside and the filler board used reflects high quality throughout the product. Opening the pack is a very satisfying experience as the carton protects the product really well and has an element of surprise. All in all a really well thought through, well executed gift pack.