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Korpikuusikkon Honey Gift Pack

Name of Entry:
Korpikuusikkon Honey Gift Pack
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Korpikuusikkon Hunaja
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cadpack / Metsä design team
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Sweet luxury

The gift box for honey is a luxury pack with minimalist graphic design made from lightweight folding box board in a glue-free, hand-folded solution. The choice of materials and the design enhance the customer experience with a tactile surface and print effects that invite consumers to touch and feel. The fully coated bleached paperboard provides a resilient packaging structure with a lower grammage and thus uses less virgin fibre, while at the same time retaining a high degree of natural luxury. The elegant, high-quality packaging increases the premium value and turns the gift into an experience. Precise details such as gold foil-coated bees and honeycombs reflect the brand’s high quality, while the pure white surface of the cartonboard stands for the purity of world-class honey.

Jury comments

A premium pack containing two jars of honey each in their own box. A gift that anyone would be very happy to receive. Minimalist graphics are created using hot foil and embossing on a pure white carton that are pleasing to the eye and have a nice textural hand feel.