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Sustainable Fun

The solution to replace plastic balloon holders is BalloonGrip™, an eco-friendly balloon holder made from engineered paper fibreboard, which is suitable for recycling (EN13430) and energy recovery (EN13431). Made entirely from cartonboard, BalloonGrip™ is ingenious, effective, recyclable and bio-degradable.
The VGP design & development team supported B-Loony in fine-tuning the concept and selecting the appropriate cartonboard grades.
The material needs to be strong in order to avoid bending when used by children, as well as being tear resistant. That is why two layers of cartonboard are laminated together and combined with special debossing to reinforce the holder.
A further advantage over traditional plastic sticks is that the BalloonGrip™ itself can be custom printed for sales promotions with brand logos, marketing messages or even for competitions.

Jury comments

We love simple, yet innovative, ideas to replace plastic and this clever and fun construction is created to tie a balloon in such a way that the air does not leak out, the balloon is held securely and it replaces the current plastic stick with cartonboard which can be used for branding and promotion.