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Estrella Damm
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Canned Revolution

LatCub® revolutionises the multi-pack drinks market, replacing plastic rings used for many years with a cartonboard product. This solution could help eliminate 89 million plastic rings, that is the equivalent of 260 tons of plastic, and this is only for one client, Estrella Damm.
Structurally, it is formed by a layer of cartonboard that holds the cans at the top thanks to the anchors that ensure their support. The cardboard has two finger holes to transport the pack easily. In contrast to the current plastic rings, LatCub® provides an opportunity to enhance the brand image by printing onto the cartonboard.
The can fillers only have to replace their current plastic ring filling machine with this new, more sustainable system. The rest of the elements that are involved in processing and handling, such as palletising, do not have to be modified.

Jury comments

Most Innovative Packaging
This construction for an aluminium can six pack, replacing plastic, is so innovative and effective. A simple carton construction of minimal material allowing the consumer to carry 6 heavy cans of liquid. If you want to, you can take a can out and put it back in effectively without compromise.