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Cuckoo Ice Cream Vanille Barrique N° 1

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Cuckoo Ice Cream Vanille Barrique N° 1
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Cuckoo Ice Cream
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Carefree Ice Cream Pleasure

This premium sundae pack is made of bio-coated cartonboard with a soft touch finish, and not only impresses with its design but is also compostable according to EN 13432 due to the bio-coated materials used.
Not only is the sundae cup made from bio-coated cartonboard, but so are the lid and the paper seal. Thus this environmentally-friendly pack is just as exclusive as the special ice cream recipe which features vanilla from oak barrels. Consumers can enjoy this special treat with a clear conscience.

Jury comments

There were two compelling packs for the award and the jury decided that one award would be given for most innovative material and the other for most innovative piece of packaging.

Most Innovative Material
This could be a real game changer as the pack is made of a bio-coated cartonboard which also has a lovely soft touch feel, not often seen in the ice cream category. It is compostable due to the materials used.