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Tuna Pack – 3 x 80g cluster pack

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Tuna Pack – 3 x 80g cluster pack
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Strong Creases

This pack is the result of research on crease strength with several cartonboards, fibre direction and crease patterns to achieve the same functionality with lower grammage. Once the pack is glued, the cluster works as a single brick, and the metal cans support the weight of the remaining layers on the pallet.
The only visible difference to the usual packaging is made by some small creases which in the end lead to less cartonboard being used without changing functionality.
The pack works the same way and on the same production line without adjustments, but with lower grammage. Tests made on several cartonboards show that the effect may be even more beneficial on virgin boards, but the pattern and structure of the box has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. It does not just depend on the cartonboard material and grammage, but also on the pack design as well as machine guides and suction pick points.

Jury comments

This is quite an astonishing pack. On the face of it, there is nothing very new, but little crease placements at certain points in the carton added extra strength so that considerably less cartonboard was needed.