Save the Planet



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Structural Designer:
Sealpac | Van Genechten Packaging
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Simply Ingenious

A simple straightforward product, suited for almost any content: meat, seafood, vegetarian food, cheese … Powerful POS presentation print on both sides with strong colours using low-migration inks. A barrier is integrated to protect the food from any migration. The packaging sets a new durability standard in many ways, offers an eco-friendly, new and unique way of presenting fresh food on the shelf. With the optional euro lock, the products can be presented hanging in a cooler.
The concept provides a large printed surface and at the same time transparency to see the product, whilst the content is perfectly protected. The packaging uses 75% less plastic compared to a conventional tray or shrink packaging without any loss of product quality. The integrated recycling tab enables consumers to easily split both materials for recycling. The pack is made predominantly from renewable cartonboard, instead of a plastic shell.

Jury comments

When you consider the mountains of plastic and styrofoam currently used in the packaging of meat products throughout Europe and how much of that material is being avoided through this innovation, then this really is a worthy winner that is helping to ‘save the planet’.


Fibre Cup

Official name of entry: Fibre Cup
Entrant: Carton Converter: Schur Pack Sweden
Brand Owner: Arla Foods
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Eco Cup
This new cup reduces the plastic content by more than 50%. The cup is reusable and can be collected as a paperbased product. The carbon footprint is less than half of a normal plastic product, but it has the same qualities and rigidity. If used for ice cream, the cup will not go soft which also applies if used for products like butter and other fats, cream and so on. That it is appealing to customers is already proven in the market, it looks good and it sells.

Rose Bio-Manufaktur Microwaveable

Official name of entry: Rose Bio-Manufaktur Microwaveable
Entrant: Carton Converter: Seda Germany
Brand Owner: Tress Lebensmittel
Structural Designer: Seda Germany
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Resilience in Cartonboard
Usually this type of product is packed in plastic cups with a plastic lid. The challenge was to develop a paper cup that could be hot filled (80 °C), be stored chilled, provide 42 days shelf-life – and be microwaveable! These requirements were fulfilled through a customised coating, a flat rim with wide sealing area (for the membrane) and a strip to protect the inner side-seam. The paper-content is still 88%. The sealing membrane is protected by a paper-lid.