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Jean Leon – Vintage Retro Suitcase

Official name of entry:
Jean Leon – Vintage Retro Suitcase
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Jean Leon
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Jean Leon
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
History Reloaded

An exclusive luggage case gift pack. Using Kraft cardboard plus microflute material and matt laminate, it was possible to imitate an old fashioned material. The closure devices and leather handle give a touch of craftsmanship. The result is a vintage retro suitcase for premium wine bottles which recreates the original suitcase used by Mr. Jean Leon during his trip to the USA as a stowaway, where a new phase of his life would begin. Once the product is removed from the packaging, it can be reused as a small chest.
The development team created a simple package with a perfect final result and it replaces a rigid box. The product can be easily displayed because the case is delivered fully assembled. The packaging is attractive at the point of sale, showing the brand history.

Jury comments

A package that is just simply inviting and unusual which makes it so eye-catching. Clearly a lot of thought and detail went into this pack to make it resemble the suitcase of old, complete with aged leather look and simulated travel destination stamps. The pack even closes like a suitcase.
It draws the eye everytime.


6 Mini Moët pack

Official name of entry: 6 Mini Moët pack
Entrant: Carton Converter: Van Genechten Packaging Angoulème
Brand Owner: Moët & Chandon
Structural Designer: Van Genechten Packaging Angoulème
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs
Taste a New Experience!
Moët & Chandon launched the Mini Moët pack as an ideal way to share pleasant moments with friends. It contains six mini bottles of Moët Imperial and six mini golden flutes. This boldly branded pack keeps the bottles perfectly positioned and protected. Indeed, it's easy to take out the inlay and create an ice bucket from the pack – just add ice cubes to refresh the Mini Moëts and enjoy! This cleverly designed pack is perfect for transporting and sharing Mini Moëts. Drink responsibly!

Beluga Specialty Coffee Capsules

Official name of entry: Beluga Specialty Coffee Capsules
Entrant: Carton Converter: rlc packaging group
Brand Owner: Delica
Structural Designer: rlc packaging group
Graphic Designer: Studio Schoch
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso | Iggesund
The Packaging Experience
The packaging is as noble as the contents: the bronze-coloured capsules lie gently wrapped in tissue paper in the two-piece packaging with Satin Pull Tab. The slipcase, the inner part and the tissue paper with the label create a high-quality symbiosis. With the pull tab made of satin, which is inconspicuously attached to the bottom of the inner part, it can be pulled smoothly out of the slipcase. The customer is rewarded with a special unpacking experience.

Starskin #mask Boss VIP

Official name of entry: Starskin #mask Boss VIP
Entrant: Carton Converter: Omaks Packaging
Brand Owner: Starskin
Structural Designer: Alparslan Kaleli
Graphic Designer: Starskin
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Reading Faces
The Starskin packaging is a book and a box in one. The structural design for this project is very difficult and complex. With a smart die cut it was possible to construct a book that could be produced as a box. The outcome is a smart looking book containing seven facial masks. The entire product is a great present for the consumer and reflects the high standard of the product itself. The book has many ways of folding, so that all parts of the printed paper are visible.

Vardon Kennett – Christmas Premium Packaging

Official name of entry: Vardon Kennett – Christmas Premium Packaging
Entrant: Carton Converter: Grafopack
Brand Owner: Agulladolc
Structural Designer: Grafopack
Graphic Designer: Agulladolc
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Celebration Time
Point of sale attractiveness for Christmas: original and elegant packaging with metallic gold finishes on top of a creamy background. Once the user removes the sleeve, the base opens as a beautiful shell in tune with the sparkling wine and lends an added value presentation to the wine bottle with the desired maritime appearance. This packaging has been produced using two kraft cardboards to provide the rigidity needed by the customer and to protect the product.