Fast/Convenience Foods


Pop Up Cup

Name of Entry:
Pop Up Cup
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Aad Hoekstra
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Cup of the Future

Billions of single-use drinking cups are used every year. This has a considerable impact on the environment. Not only due to the materials used for the production, but more to the fact that they are often discarded.
The Pop Up Cup is probably the most sustainable on-the-go drinking cup. It offers a future for on-the-go cups for cold drinks and is particularlysuitable for home delivery. It is easy to use and leakproof, and can be used with a straw, whilst the window indicates the remaining volume of the drink. The design is a combination of a folding carton and a plastic bag. The Pop Up Cup can be easiliy separated into cardboard and plastic components, thus leading to a very sustainable solution for a single-use drinking cup. No (plastic) lid is required and it can be disposed of as paper waste.

Jury comments

This was considered to be so, so clever. A perfect way for cartonboard to present a soft drink and to solve the multi-layer over-packaging of current drinks’ containers. Externally, the look and feel tells you that this is something new and ecological. The internal film holds the liquid, sealed until it’s ready to be consumed.
The key point is the film and carton can be easily separated for recycling.


Burgerista Pommes Box

Name of Entry: Burgerista Pommes Box
Entrant: Other: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International
Carton Converter: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Austria
Brand Owner: Burgerista Invest Holding
Structural Designer: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Austria
Graphic Designer: Service Plan
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Taste for the Environment
The French fries box resembles a small basket from which the extra-large steak fries look enticing. When opened, the box folds out like a flower so that the consumer can enjoy the fries with or without dips. The structural design is kept as simple as possible. The one-piece packaging is set up quickly and without glue, easy stacking is guaranteed. The French fries box is fully recyclable - the environmentally friendly example of convenience fast food packaging.

Nando’s Take Away Packaging

Name of Entry: Nando’s Take Away Packaging
Entrant: Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Carton Converter: Huhtamaki Foodservice
Brand Owner: Nando’s
Structural Designer: Cocoon Design
Graphic Designer: Sunshine Gun
Sustainable Love
The takeaway packaging of Nando’s precisely communicates the brand and product heritage – bold, vibrant and natural, simple happiness. It matches the core of Nando’s perfectly and pays homage to their South African roots. Cut-outs and embossed hearts accentuate that the product is made with love. The back of the packaging is printed with funny slogans referring to the packaging itself – also the sustainability of the material is emphasised: sustainably sourced, biodegradable, recyclable.


Name of Entry: Hot2Home™
Carton Converter: Acket drukkerij kartonnage
Brand Owner: LambWeston/Meijer
Structural Designer: Van Berlo design/ Plato product consultants
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Crispy French Fries
For the first time, it is possible for customers to get crispy French fries via home delivery! The shape of the packaging was chosen on the basis of a consumer survey and it had to be provided with a lid to ensure that the fries do not fall out. Due to the sophisticated ratio of the hole pattern in the sides and lid, a chimney effect is created in the cup, which drains the moisture from the French fries so that they remain crisp for 20 minutes.