Dry Foods & Beverages


Simply Cook

Official name of entry:
Simply Cook
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Simply Cook
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Cookbook with Content

The concept of the Simply Cook Meal Kit allows the consumer to create a restaurant quality meal at home with an easy-to-follow recipe. The design needed to be vibrant but in keeping with the well-known e-commerce brand. It was their first step into the retail sector, so for the brand owners it was a key stage in their growth. The packs needed to be highly functional yet different to its competitors.
Specialist folding and glueing facilities were required to achieve the book style. This pack gives the consumer the opportunity to view prior to purchase and the unique tear opening reveals the recipe and product. A major challenge was to combine all of these features with a pack that could be filled before the final closure.

Jury comments

Helping consumers select ingredients to cook a dish at home is not new but this presentation makes it so appealing by housing the ingredients in a clever structure that presents everything to the consumer in an enticing way. Add to that the colourful graphics, appetite appeal and product story then you have a total package that invites purchase.



Official name of entry: ASDA Qube
Entrant: Carton Converter: Qualvis Print & Packaging
Brand Owner: ASDA
Structural Designer: Richard Pacey
Graphic Designer: ASDA in-house graphic design
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Qube not Tube!
Both the conventional rigid packaging tube and its plastic tube counterpart, used in a multitude of applications such as beverages and confectionery, have finally met their match. Enter the Qube – a flat fold tube design that provides considerable supply chain and logistical benefits. The Qube is printed on metallised material with low migration specialist poly-based inks for food safety and adhesion to the metallised material.

Nespresso 16 caps

Official name of entry: Nespresso 16 caps
Entrant: Carton Converter: Autojon Packaging Belgium
Brand Owner: Nestlé
Structural Designer: Victorien Paul
Graphic Designer: Nestlé
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
Luxury Logistics
Nespresso-Caps are sold as luxury products and the briefing was quite strict about this. But the hardest point was to insert the maximum number of pods possible in an imposed small packaging size. The packaging is made of two parts. With each pod nested in a different position to save space and keep a good visualisation of the products at the same time. This challenge was a good opportunity to improve the logistical performance of the pack.

Duvel Moortgat

Official name of entry: Duvel Moortgat
Entrant: Carton Converter: Smurfit Kappa Zedek
Brand Owner: Duvel Moortgat
Structural Designer: Ronald Sterk
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Practical and Good
In this case, the innovative design is not only used for product presentation, it is also extremely practical to use. The cartons can be set up quickly and easily in a consumer-friendly way and present the product. The strong construction takes up the heavy bottles and has a sales-promoting effect. To support the supply chain, they are delivered flat.