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Skol or cheers

Drink cup holders for stadium and concert standing areas. The cup holder is simply attached to a railing, the cup with the drink placed inside and your hands are free for clapping, dancing or cheering. The drink is protected against tipping, spilling or contamination as it does not stand on the floor. The cup holder was used very successfully by the main sponsor of the Hannover 96 football team in the HDI Arena and received an enthusiastic response.
This new development can be re-used, folded and taken with you to the next event. The multi-colour printed and unbleached solid board can be cut as required and is ideal as a promotional space which specifically addresses the audience of an event or is specific for a product which plays a major role at the event (sports occasions or concerts).

Jury comments

A simple, very simple solution to a regular problem which also has commercial, advertising value.
I’m sure we have all been to venues, be it concerts or sports events etc and needed a place to put our drink so that it doesn’t get spilt or knocked over. Well, here’s the solution. A carton board drinks holder that hooks on to the seat in front of you or to a fence or railing – in fact anywhere. Add to that, you have a vehicle to sell advertising space as well – smart thinking!


Message on a bottle – Pago fruit juice Carton Sleeve

Name of Entry: Message on a bottle – Pago fruit juice Carton Sleeve
Entrant: Carton Converter: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Austria
Brand Owner: Eckes-Granini Austria
Structural Designer: Gerlinde Gruber
Graphic Designer: Martha Ploder & Gerlinde Gruber
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Joie de vivre
A delightful marketing idea highlighting the new Pago “Love life” slogan. This easy-to-produce and cost-effective cardboard sleeve is the perfect on-shelf marketing tool as it entices the target group, calls for interaction and increases in-store awareness for the Pago brand. The cardboard heart is intended to be used for making joyful photos to participate in the prize draw to win a trip around the world. The heart can also be used as a gift tag.

Nalle Oat Flakes

Name of Entry: Nalle Oat Flakes
Entrant: Other: AR Carton Kriftel / Sebastian Eckert
Carton Converter: AR Carton Oy, Finland
Brand Owner: Ravintoraisio Oy / Raisio Group
Structural Designer: Susanna Sotka | Sebastian Eckert
Graphic Designer: Bond Agency, Marko Salonen
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Good for everyone
The design of the pack gives the consumer the freedom of choice – two opening options on the top. The classic opening is the push-in tab; the new mechanism is a push-in, squeeze and pour mechanism, described on the side of the pack with some easy-to-follow illustrations. The new opening makes it more convenient for all ages to open the pack. A clever solution without using more material or requiring changes in the filling lines. A satisfying solution for all parties; the brand owner, the consumer and the cardboard converter.

ScanWish Adventskalender

Name of Entry: ScanWish Adventskalender
Entrant: Carton Converter: Pfäffle Verpackungswerk
Brand Owner: Schoko & Blume | Panini | Galeria Kaufhof | Goldener Anker , Björn Freitag
Structural Designer: Pfäffle Verpackungswerk
Graphic Designer: Pfäffle Verpackungswerk
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Greetings via video
ScanWish offers a unique customising option for the customer after purchase.
This is done by using a QR-code applied to the pack, which allows a video to be played online or a photo to be displayed. This type of customisation is inexpensive for the manufacturer as existing packaging can be used. Nothing needs to be changed on the product other than applying the QR-code, allowing high volume print runs to continue.