Carton of the Year


Geometrie Cividât

Name of Entry:
Geometrie Cividât
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Giulia Toscanelli
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Complex simplicity

A packaging that stands out through its apparent simplicity and understatement. Interest and curiosity are created through the diagonal cut which divides the symmetry and the strict geometry. The product is secured perfectly inside and conveys a natural impression of balance. The attractive and appealing design, together with its powerful and unusual colour scheme, make it stand out and at the same time enhance the sophisticated quality of the product.
The experience of opening and unpacking is unforgettable for both the buyer and the recipient of the gift. The packaging also allows attractive placement in the retail trade: a perfect display with an open top, held together with an outer sleeve.

Jury comments

There is no doubt that this is a visually appealing pack when closed but the real ‘wow’ effect is on opening. The geometry of the pack and the presentation of the bottle inside is quite spectacular. Of course the bottle shape does help this but the overall presentation has been carefully considered and all elements work well together.
Placing such a pack on display at a retailer would really generate consumer interest.