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Beauty Box

Name of Entry:
Beauty Box
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Structural Designer:
rlc | packaging group
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Young again

This five-day intensive treatment is an eye-catcher at the POS: the window in the packaging allows a clear focus on the ten fragile glass ampoules as well as the pink beauty potion. Ampoule treatments and their highly concentrated ingredients are regarded as turbo boosters for the skin. The treatment pack was placed in stores for Mother‘s Day giving a highly exclusive beauty kick.
Design highlights: the ampoules are secured carefully by both the lid and base – perfect protection against breakage or premature removal, even without a PET window foil. Opening of the pack creates a unique “wow” effect which is hard to forget. In addition, the packaging is extremely efficient: finishing is in-line with soft-touch varnish. The cartonboard construction can be fully recycled giving it a sustainable quality.

Jury comments

Beautiful, simple and secure. This attractive box does everything needed to hold, protect and display the precious glass ampoules.
The liquid containing vials are held in place in the base AND the roof of the carton. The ampoules are placed in such a way that when the carton is closed, both ends of the ampoules are held within base and roof apertures. When opened, they display beautifully. The soft touch varnish just adds that ‘little extra’.



Name of Entry: Do-It-Yourself-Kit
Entrant: Carton Converter: rlc | packaging group
Brand Owner: Coscoon Cosmetics
Structural Designer: rlc | packaging group
Graphic Designer: brandpack GmbH
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs
Gentle and refined
Coscoon is a Berlin beauty start-up with a very special product idea: do-it-yourself natural cosmetics. Pure, refined and natural: all these brand values are supported by the holistic packaging concept. The use of plastics was reduced wherever possible and substituted with cartonboard. Printing on the inside of the sleeve lends a secondary use, for example as a gift tag. After all, these care products are ideal gifts for pampering soul and skin.

Retro Revival

Name of Entry: Retro Revival
Entrant: Carton Converter: Omaks Packaging
Brand Owner: IK Skin perfection
Structural Designer: Alparslan Kaleli
Graphic Designer: Cosmetize
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Beauty in its purest form
A solution which exemplifies the heritage of cosmetics. The cosmetics inside contain only 100 % natural products and this is reflected in the packaging that consists of FSC carton only. Printed on uncoated material, this gives that distinct natural feeling. This range of products looks entirely different on the shelf in the shops and distinguishes itself from the competition. Cartonboard was also used for the inlays to result in recyclable packaging. The embossing emphasises the traditional style of this range of packaging.

Royal - Ovaldose

Name of Entry: Royal - Ovaldose
Entrant: Carton Converter: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International
Brand Owner: SCA Packaging
Structural Designer: C.P. Schmidt
Graphic Designer: ProFILE Communication
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Stunning elegance
A unique, oval tissue box in highly attractive colours with all-round decorative sophistication, where functionality and elegance go hand in hand. Dispensing the product is extremely easy. The oval shape is unique and the first of its kind for this type of product on the cosmetics market. The consistent use of cartonboard makes this carton fully recyclable.