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eggbox 10er Hofer Goldland/Freiland

Name of Entry:
eggbox 10er Hofer Goldland/Freiland
Entrant: Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Perfect function

The structural stability of the 10’s egg box gives a very high level of protection for the fragile contents. The easy to open lid allows the consumer easy checking of the contents and safe reclosing. The large printable outer surface allows the customer, Hofer, to provide a lot of relevant information for the end consumer on the carton (nutrition tables, quality seal, origin ID).
The carton creates awareness on the shelf and offers extremely high brand recognition. The eggbox can be nested when empty and filled automatically. It runs on all egg packing machines at high speed and high efficiency. The barcode on the base simplifies handling on scanner checkouts. In Austria, the eggbox GmbH supplies Hofer, a member of the ALDI Süd Group, exclusively with the eggbox egg packing system.
Eggbox GmbH only uses energy from renewable resources from Greenpeace Energy to erect the cartons. The box is manufactured entirely from FSC certified recycled materials. This was key for Hofer to switch from conventional egg packaging to the eggbox system. This is also communicated by Hofer on the carton.

Jury comments

This was a totally new construction of a carton for eggs in the judge’s opinion and they were confident that it offered better protection to a fragile product than many of the alternatives. The carton had a simple opening system and was also easy to close after some of the eggs had been removed. This type of carton can be made in several different configurations including packs for 12 eggs in which the carton is perforated in the middle so that it can easily be split into two packs of 6. The cartons can be stacked easily for transport and are filled on automatic machines.


Combi Pack Box

Name of Entry: Combi Pack Box
Entrant: Carton Converter: Alzamora Packaging S.A.
Brand Owner: Productos Tecnológicos Catalanes, S.L.
Structural Designer: Alzamora Packaging S.A.
Graphic Designer: Productos Tecnológicos Catalanes, S.L.
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Convenient beauty
This packaging was designed with customers in mind and a focus on the customer benefit: a small box in an attractive pocket size including everything needed for a roll your own cigarette. The result is a revolutionary two part solution. Gentle pressure on the lower right corner dispenses a filter and cigarette paper. There were a number of reasons for using cartonboard: in particular sustainability, but also simplicity, the life cycle of the product, the costs and excellent performance. The customer reported a ten per cent increase in sales.

After Eight Selection

Name of Entry: After Eight Selection
Entrant: Carton Converter: Multi Packaging Solutions Düren
Brand Owner: Nestlé Deutschland AG
Structural Designer: Multi Packaging Solutions Stuttgart GmbH, Klaus R. Viergutz
Graphic Designer: Helium, Wiesbaden
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Attractive appearance
After Eight required an attractive solution in place of a pouch with which one could offer guests the contents for mutual pleasure. The result was a relatively simple, re-closeable carton which presents the product perfectly. It is suitable for shelves, can be glued automatically and is supplied flat. Seven colour printing on the front together with large scale intricate hot foil embossing provides an attractive appearance. The recessed, easy to grip flaps make the carton easy to open and reclose.

Packaging Solution for 15 Fish Fingers

Name of Entry: Packaging Solution for 15 Fish Fingers
Entrant: Brand Owner: Iglo Group
Carton Converter: GPI Bremen (formerly AR-Carton)
Structural Designer: Walki and AR-Carton
Graphic Designer: JKR London
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board (Board Supplier) and Walki (PE-coating and tear stripe application)
Exemplary simplicity
The core idea was to make Iglo packaging more consumer friendly. The result is the first packaging solution for fish fingers with easy handling, easy opening, easy closing, easy storage and easy disposal. This includes an integrated tear strip in the brand look. Feedback from the retail trade and consumers was highly positive. The German Iglo Marketing has decided to also offer the vegetarian and spinach fingers in the new carton design. Iglo Austria and Iglo Portugal have also already introduced the innovation.