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Artelac Splash Dispenser (Display)

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Artelac Splash Dispenser (Display)
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Smart design

It all started with a few scribbles from the customer although the main objective had already been set from the beginning: the design of the packaging was to be self closing after removal of the product to protect the contents against dust and UV light.
Originally Bausch & Lomb had assumed that the filling weight would be sufficient to enable automatic closing. Practice proved different. MMP finally solved the problem by using a smart dispenser function which made additional accessories, such as rubber bands, superfluous. The characteristic tapered form and self closing drawers make the product unique, not only in the field of pharmaceuticals.
The solution was received so well by the judges that they awarded two prizes: the special award for “Most Innovative” as well as the category “Pharmaceuticals”. From the beginning of the project until the introduction to the market it took about ten months. Bausch & Lomb were successful in boosting the acceptance of the product significantly and generating increased sales. The consequence: MMP has received a repeat order.

Jury comments

In the judges’ opinion this was a very cleverly designed carton. Whilst it looked simple from the outside, the designers and carton maker had worked together to ensure that the requirements of the product were fully complied with. On the shelf the carton would look attractive, but the real innovation the judges had not seen before, was the automatic closing system where the carton closed by itself after one of the contents had been removed. This was important as the quality of the contents could be degraded by ultra violet light and closing the box after removing an item was essential.