Beauty & Cosmetics


Box Femme Fatale eau de parfum

Name of Entry:
Box Femme Fatale eau de parfum
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Antilope NV
Brand Owner:
Mylène NV
Structural Designer:
Jan Roothooft, Mylène NV
Graphic Designer:
Jessica van Pelt, Mylène NV
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Persuasive beauty

Brand owner Mylène wanted packaging with a persuasive appeal at the POS. Antilope had the idea of employing a new technology for digital cutting and creasing. Co-operation was extremely close: when Mylène suggested a flower with fine cuts at the edges, Antilope made sure that the flower not only appeared on the side but also the front as well as adding the lettering “Limited edition”. Next to being effective at the POS, simple and practical recycling were also an objective. This solution satisfies both aims ideally.
The 2-colour print and design with its fine laser cuts gives the carton a glowing, luxurious appearance. The mandatory information on contents is combined perfectly with the selling messages. Added to this it also provides good protection of the product and stackability. Automatic filling and easy storage were also requirements for this development. The products are sold via a webshop and the party plan system and delivered by postal services or the salesperson.

Jury comments

The appeal of this carton in the Judge’s opinion was all about the intricate and very accurate cutting that had been achieved using a laser cutter. They were interested to note that the shape and the printing was relatively simple but that the look and appeal of the carton was enhanced substantially by the clever design and skill used in creating the very fine cut sections of the box. Once again the feel of the carton was different and in the beauty and cosmetics sector, emotional appeal to the consumer is just as important as the initial visual appeal.


promotion ampoule

Name of Entry: promotion ampoule
Entrant: Carton Converter: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Brand Owner: Dr. Grandel GmbH
Structural Designer: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer: Anette von Petersdorff, Dr. Grandel GmbH
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Arjo Wiggins, Fine Papers Limited
More turnover
A new selling idea for vials: the packaging containing a sample vial can be attached to all existing packaging, regardless of jar, tube or dispenser. It is packaging, promotion vehicle and user information in one.

Endocare One Second

Name of Entry: Endocare One Second
Entrant: Carton Converter: Nekicesa Packaging, S.L.
Brand Owner: Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria, S.A. (IFC)
Structural Designer: Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria, S.A. (IFC)
Graphic Designer: Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria, S.A. (IFC)
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Fedrigoni
Beauty in seconds
High-class from the outside, the packaging opens like a flower and reveals vials which refresh tired skin if make-up alone is not sufficient. They are easy to remove and protected perfectly down to the last drop.

Skin Experts by Judith Williams Cosmetics

Name of Entry: Skin Experts by Judith Williams Cosmetics
Entrant: Carton Converter: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Brand Owner: Cura Marketing GmbH
Structural Designer: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer: Cura Marketing GmbH
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Powerful impulse
The new premium line had to offer immediate attractiveness: first impressions count more than anything else in teleshopping. When the packaging is opened the jar is presented raised in the middle and information is provided on the unfolded inner surfaces.