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Astuccio monodose

Official name of entry:
Astuccio monodose
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Illy Caffè
Graphic Designer:
Illy Caffè
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Like metal, but easier to process

After many years of the product being packaged in other types of packaging, Illy decided to opt for Lucaprint as supplier for this product. Beginning with the initial tests, most of the work focused on embossing the laminated cartonboard, specifically to highlight the brilliance of the colours. The goal was to reproduce the shiny effect of metal tins as well possible, as these were to be replaced as part of the new concept at Illy, and this goal was achieved, albeit with minor adaptations. At the same time, the packaging structure had to re-engineered precisely to achieve optimal machinability. Specifically, Illy expected flatness of the packaging to allow perfect machine-packaging. Not an easy task considering the load factors the material was subjected to through lamination, embossing, varnishing and stamping. The close cooperation between Mayr-Melnhof and Lucaprint in selecting the cartonboard proved extremely useful. After first supplies had passed materials testing, Illy were able to start production themselves and achieved their annual quota of 800,000 units.

Jury comments

This was summed up by the jury as a carton that truly showed sustainability characteristics. Most products of this type are packed in tinplate or plastic but the switch to carton based packaging not only was a more to an infinitely renewable resource but also had the added benefit of being lighter in weight than the packs it replaced. In addition it can be delivered flat to the packer and because of this and also the fact that it is lighter, savings in space and delivery costs have been gained. They felt that this was a carton that clearly demonstrates the benefits of carton packaging.


Terry's Chocolate Orange 330 gr

Official name of entry: Terry's Chocolate Orange 330 gr
Entrant: Brand Owner: Kraft Foods UK
Carton Converter: MMP Austria
Structural Designer: MMP Austria
Graphic Designer: -
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Korsnäs
Sustainable and cost-saving: cartonboard in place of plastic
Mayr-Melnhof Packaging satisfies high requirements: selecting a cartonboard equal to the stiffness and transport properties of the present seven-component plastic packaging, and not only presents the brand message perfectly as a carton, but also helps the customer,  Kraft Foods UK , to save costs during filling and transport.  

Magnum Temptation Ice Cream

Official name of entry: Magnum Temptation Ice Cream
Entrant: Brand Owner: Unilever
Carton Converter: VG Nicolaus Kempten
Structural Designer: VG Nicolaus Kempten
Graphic Designer: H1Q
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä
Up to date = more sustainable + more cost-efficient
Van Genechten had already designed the existing pack with metalised foil on both sides a few years ago, and was now faced with upgrading the premium product Magnum. The concept had been successful and led to the next challenge: reduce costs and improve sustainability. This was achieved using a specially coated cardboard and more efficient use of the materials.