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UniqueSlim Slide Box

Official name of entry:
UniqueSlim Slide Box
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Intergrafipak B.V.
Graphic Designer:
Vemedia B.V.
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Cartons: unique on the Internet

Originally the idea for the Unique Slim product originated in the marketing department of Vemedia in early 2010. Right from the beginning, the core idea was to realise delivery by mail for a unique slimming concept, selling exclusively via the Internet ( and supported by advertising campaigns to the target groups. The development of ingredients and the final product took some time, till the end of 2010. From then on, the packaging concept was developed further based on a sliding box system which contained the different blistered products and a patient information brochure. In this context, cartonboard clearly seemed to be the most appropriate packaging material due to its excellent printing properties, the cost element in view of anticipated volumes, its clean look, and the strength required for postal handling. During the first quarter of 2011 Vemedia finished the graphic design and Intergrafikpak completed the design of the slide box with four cartons in slightly different sizes and the brochure. The result is an unusual way of opening packaging in this segment, and represents a unique, customer-specific association for different medications. The success of the new product starts with a positive surprise in the mail box. The product was presented successfully in May 2011 at a trade exhibition for female magazines.

Jury comments

An effective use of a slide opening carton in the pharmaceutical sector which the judges felt both protected and displayed the contents effectively. Inside a cartonboard fitment allowed four separate boxes, each of which was numbered for easy identification, to be held and displayed along with the instruction booklet again in a separate compartment. The Judges felt that this carton was a perfect example of functionality allied to easy opening. They also felt that the graphic design was effective and attractive and the opening of the carton was intuitive and simple.


Eco Save Pack

Official name of entry: Eco Save Pack
Carton Converter: August Faller KG
Brand Owner: Bosch
Structural Designer: Marco Beier / Ralph Pfister
Graphic Designer: Charis Kränzke
Cartonboard Manufacturer: International Paper
Faster, less expensive, more sustainable
Bosch developed the filling machine, Faller the perfect inlay for the carton – the result: sustainability due to cartonboard in place of plastic, a single material for the entire packaging, a considerably faster horizontal filling concept, secure fixation of the product, and easier use for the patient. 

Eine Flasche hält Stand

Official name of entry: Eine Flasche hält Stand
Carton Converter: August Faller KG
Brand Owner: Lichtenheldt GmbH
Structural Designer: Daniel Krüger / Stephan Hild
Graphic Designer: -
Cartonboard Manufacturer: International Paper
A well secured bottle
The idea by Lichtenheldt: to design a carton for a bottle with dispenser without a sealing cap, which does not leak during transport.  The solution presented by August Faller: secure fixation in the carton avoiding any pressure on the dispenser. A plastic cap and manual filling become “superfluous”.

APOX-System Hausapotheke

Official name of entry: APOX-System Hausapotheke
Carton Converter: MMP Schausberger, Austria
Brand Owner: APOX-System VertriebsGmbH
Structural Designer: MMP Schausberger, Austria
Graphic Designer: Peter Furtmüller, Studio Kapeller
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mead Westvaco
The sustainable medicine cabinet
The customer APOX-System approached MMP Schausberger with the idea of naming the individual compartments of a medicine cabinet according to individual parts of the body. Cartonboard proved to be the material of choice for the market launch of this product:  it is light, can be printed individually to give different information, such as emergency numbers, instructions etc.