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Cafe Colombiano

Official name of entry:
Cafe Colombiano
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Chesapeake Branded Packaging
Graphic Designer:
Global Coffee Group
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Perfect team play in the supply chain

The biggest challenge in designing the Cafe Colombiano pack was to develop an idea which could communicate the quality of the product and be as extraordinary as possible without requiring extravagant construction or unusual materials. Given these limitations, Chesapeake looked for an original combination of finishing techniques to achieve a fresh and eye-catching effect. The customer, the Global Coffee Group, showed complete trust throughout the development process. Using micro-embossing as a background, the design reminds of the textile structure typical of coffee sacks. But to give that extra effect, they decided to employ a rarely used 3D tool: 3D-embossing of the beans. From today’s point of view, 3D-embossing to highlight the coffee beans seems quite natural, but numerous alternatives were discussed during development. It was only after digital simulation that the Global Coffee Group decided to go for the combination of 2D and 3D, finding both micro-embossing and the laminated carton with opaque white as well as matt and glossy varnish attractive. A challenge in production was the depth of the 3D-embossing and the perfect register of all finishes and effects as the packaging is relatively small. The packaging is proof of perfect team play between the brand owner, designers and technicians.

Jury comments

Finishing techniques were the key element in making this the winner of this category. Each of the individual coffee beans on the front of the carton were embossed and picked out with foil and this allied to excellent printing gave a high quality image at the point of sale in a sector where competition is fierce. The overall colour co-ordinated well with the contents and the clever use of gold gave highlights that drew the eye to the carton and so the Jury felt this was a most successful carton.


De Ruijter Specials

Official name of entry: De Ruijter Specials
Carton Converter: Acket drukkerij kartonnage bv
Brand Owner: HJ Heinz bv
Structural Designer: Acket drukkerij kartonnage bv
Graphic Designer: Mountain design bv
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Walki GmbH
New design for relaunch
Branded goods company Heinz and packaging manufacturer Acket worked together closely on this structurally new packaging for a well-established breakfast product:  the external spout is replaced by a more “elegant” integrated version, making filling and handling more cost-efficient. The packaging is relatively small, but luxurious.

Produktfamilie Körbe und Schalen für Obst und Gemüse

Official name of entry: Produktfamilie Körbe und Schalen für Obst und Gemüse
Carton Converter: Karl Knauer KG
Brand Owner: Wiesenhof Pilzland Produktions GmbH
Structural Designer: Karl Knauer KG
Graphic Designer: Karl Knauer KG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Buchmann Korsnäs
Attractive and sustainable replacement for plastic
The carrying baskets and bowls in chip basket design are an own development of the packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer. The challenge was to add moisture protection to the inside, achieve the necessary stability and to meet the requirements for direct contact with food.