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Manufaktur Schokolade 80g

Official name of entry:
Manufaktur Schokolade 80g
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Hammer GmbH
Graphic Designer:
Michael Derpmann Atelier für visuelle Medien
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Feel the emotion of exceptional quality

Creating the link between emotional product presentation and a line of packaging where the high level of finish distinguishes it from other product developments: those were the specifications for the new craft-manufactured chocolate look as defined by the Wagner Pralinen GmbH and to be fulfilled by designer Michael Derpmann and the Hammer company. In line with the designer’s credo: “I don’t want a carton, I want emotions you can feel“, the close cooperation resulted in a product where the high level of finishing created a supreme individual brand look. The product is not only highly advanced in terms of finishing, but also in terms of functionality: in which type of packaging could the wafer-thin craft-manufactured chocolates be supplied safely? This challenge was solved by using high quality stable cartonboard and the design of the packaging. The results can be admired in selected confectionary outlets and sold extremely well, so well in fact that repeat production is on the cards. It is also suitable for ”private label use“ with small production runs and customer-specific printing by using insert labels.

Jury comments

This carton certainly stood out in the category and caught the eye of the judges mainly due to the very high quality print. Whilst the construction is relatively simple, the main print image on the front of each carton used a technique so that the consumer seemed to be looking through a magnifying glass. This really attracted the judges and they believe this will also be true for consumers at the point of sale. The use of the quality print and finishing on a plain white background enhanced the appeal of this carton.



Official name of entry: Lift-Box
Carton Converter: Model PrimePac AG
Brand Owner: Conf. Sprüngli AG
Structural Designer: Model PrimePac AG
Graphic Designer: Model PrimePac AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Presented on a golden tray
The packaging concept presented by Model PrimePac was liked immediately by Confiserie Sprüngli AG: the Lift-Box is an elegant, high-quality packaging solution with a built-in surprise:  upon opening, two satin ribbons lift out the gold-coloured interior box with the chocolates and ”present“ them on a golden tray.   

Sweet Diamonds - Swiss hand made luxury

Official name of entry: Sweet Diamonds - Swiss hand made luxury
Carton Converter: Fratelli Roda SA
Brand Owner: Confiserie Al Porto SA
Structural Designer: Confiserie Al Porto SA
Graphic Designer: Pius Zimmermann, D-Print AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: ArgoWiggins
How to light up a product
The special creation “Sweet Diamonds“ quite simply demanded special packaging – ideally a classic jewellery case. Upon opening, the “Diamonds” light up and are raised to meet the eyes of the beholder. The dynamic solution offers distinguished simplicity and elegance.

"Thorntons" Letterboxchocs

Official name of entry: "Thorntons" Letterboxchocs
Carton Converter: Hammer Lübeck Faltschachtelwerk
Brand Owner: Letterbox Gifts Ltd.
Structural Designer: Hammer GmbH
Graphic Designer: Letterbox Gifts Ltd.
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
Sustainable packaging art
Letterbox Gifts Ltd. wanted a sustainable gift packaging for confectionery which could be sent postage-optimised with personal greetings to numerous countries.  A given weight, FSC-certified raw material, low-migration inks, food-compliant gloss varnish: a challenge for the manufacturer.