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Yin Yang Verpackungsserie

Official name of entry:
Yin Yang Verpackungsserie
Carton Converter:
Structural Designer:
Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer:
Eyedea Werbe GmbH
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Success comes natural

The cream bottles and dispenser had already been developed when Edelmann became involved in the packaging concept. Edelmann started from the following idea: Yin and Yang represent harmony and balance – this harmony and balance was to be expressed at all levels. For this reason the packaging uses a frame of equal width. The product itself is a natural care product, natural care and purity should therefore also be expressed by the selected packaging material with its purity and high degree of whiteness. At present, the market segment is dominated by relatively simple cartons, and Edelmann attempted to present an exceptional product in exceptional packaging. The message: only a natural material may package a natural product. Nine months of development have certainly paid off: first sales numbers clearly show that there has never been a more successful product launch in the history of Deynique Cosmetics.

Jury comments

The jury commented that this was an outstanding example of the skill of the carton maker. The general simplicity of the design was most effective and the “gap” between the top and bottom section drew the eye to the carton which would therefore give it greater visibility on the shelves which are generally crowded in this sector. The members of the Jury felt that the peerless quality of the carton, the simple design and effective use of print and finishing techniques, all came together to create an outstanding carton.


Verpackungs-Set Ritterburg

Official name of entry: Verpackungs-Set Ritterburg
Carton Converter: STI Group
Brand Owner: Tinti GmbH & Co KG
Structural Designer: Tinti GmbH & Co. KG
Graphic Designer: Tinti GmbH & Co KG und Heidi Fleig-Golks
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Buchmann
Preciously Playful
Innovative packaging solution for Heidelberger Natural Cosmetic's childcare and cosmetics range: distinctive product appearance with an automatic base carton as sliding box and sleeve with a battlement look. The playful secondary use, building a castle, is absolutely new and unique on the market.

Gabrini Elegant Lipgloss Carton

Official name of entry: Gabrini Elegant Lipgloss Carton
Carton Converter: Print Park
Brand Owner: Gabrini
Structural Designer: Print Park
Graphic Designer: Print Park
Cartonboard Manufacturer: M-real
Crazy for that strawberry fragrance
Gabrini’s main goal was to convey the strawberry fragrance of the product. Packaging manufacturer Venk not only designed an incredibly beautiful carton, but also suggested printing with a strawberry flavour. Carton really does have major advantages over other packaging solutions.

High Care Spa Line Soon

Official name of entry: High Care Spa Line Soon
Carton Converter: Aug. Heinrigs Druck + Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG
Brand Owner: Weyergans High Care AG
Structural Designer: Weyergans High Care AG
Graphic Designer: Weyergans High Care AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
The market just loves quality
In the beginning, Weyergans did not really have any preconceptions on the look of their packaging. Elaborate construction, combined with elegant graphics and ambitious printing proved a success on the market: a perfect balance between quality, packaging and product.