Acket Drukkerij-Kartonnage BV

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Acket Drukkerij-Kartonnage BV
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Acket Drukkerij-Kartonnage BV

The cheese is hand made and thus can vary in size. The special construction locks so that every different size can be accommodated. The package is prepared for automatic filling. The carton was produced on SUS board in 1-colour offset plus gold foil and dispersion lacquer. The cheese is held in the package with a label, which is applied as a band.

Jury comments

The judges felt that this entry complements the high quality of the cheese it contains. This unconventional cheese package upgrades the cheese to a premium product. The gold printing on the carton is of high quality and stands out well against the blue background.


Chromos B.V. 1

Chromos B.V.

Official name of entry: Chromos B.V.
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Confiserie Sprüngli 1

Confiserie Sprüngli

Official name of entry: Confiserie Sprüngli
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