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Date 28th October 2009 / www.procarton.com
Title Sustainable Packaging from a Consumer's Perspective
Text First insights on the new GfK study on the topic "Consumer Attitudes on the Sustainability of Packaging" to be presented at the 8. Pro Carton Congress on the 25th and 26th November 2009 at the Congress Center Düsseldorf.

Four out of five consumers regard ecological criteria as being of great importance in the packaging of a product. 80 % want as little packaging as possible and 74 % want recyclable materials and do not want double packaging. These are first results of a study by consumer research company GfK SE, Division Panel Services Germany, and clearly substantiate the main topic of the 8th Pro Carton Congress (www.procarton.com) "Promoting Brand Values through Packaging and Sustainability ". Decision makers from the food and non-food industries, trade, advertising, design and the packaging industry will be discussing the links between sustainability, cost efficiency, creativity and promotional impact on the 25th and 26th November 2009 at the Congress Centre Düsseldorf (CCD South). Top quality speakers such as Thomas Bachl, Managing Director at GfK SE, will present the success possibilities to the value chain for successful and efficient packaging.

Five different consumer types are highlighted in Bachl's study and their attitudes and values on Corporate Responsibility are analysed. Education and information still have a major role to play and according to GfK the topic is still governed by uncertainty. At least a third of consumers want additional information on the sustainability of packaging, so there is a demand. Labelling for packaging per se is hardly used in Germany according to Bachl and he will present two of the labels which were regarded as being positive in his study. Further aspects include the willingness to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly packaging and on how to communicate sustainability on the packaging (environmental labels).

A number of interesting approaches can be expected from the analysis of the five groups as a result of CR-segmentation. "Critical consumers" indeed place greater value on the type and sustainability of packaging and are largely in favour of recyclable packaging. The majority of "Responsible consumers" perceive environmental aspects as being important. This is highlighted in the GfK study by the choice of packaging alternatives. Most consumers, but especially the two groups mentioned, will subjectively choose the most environmentally friendly packaging, and as a rule this is carton packaging. The other consumer groups are classified as "Responsible family persons", "Progressive Doers" and "Ego-focused bon vivants".

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Consumer Attitudes on the Sustainability of Packaging.


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