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Date 28th July 2010 / www.procarton.com

Appeals to (virtually) all senses


The new lifestyle chewing gum 5 GUM for lifestyle-oriented adults aged between 18 and 29 years has convinced both the trade and consumers. The world’s largest maker of chewing gum has again given the gum segment a massive push. The conquest of Europe started in Germany in 2009, and included the Pro Carton/ECMA Award.

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The 5 GUM brand was successfully launched in the USA in 2007 with several different flavours. After only one year it was fastest moving item in the food and drugstore channels as well as convenience shops.



Innovative packaging

The exciting packaging mesmerises by its minimalistic design and futuristic graphics. The new packaging scores visually and sensually with embossed glossy and matt elements and the colour key visual against a black background and with its sensual touch.


5 GUM is the first chewing gum which not only appeals to the taste buds. It possesses extraordinary sensoric properties – it crackles, tingles or cools. In combination with the classy black packaging and the long-lasting taste, 5 GUM is a superbly profiled premium product.


Conquering Europe

In 2009 Wrigley started in Germany: due to the innovative product and packaging concepts as well as the unique positioning, Wrigley managed to sell over 26 million packs during the first year – that equates to a 12% market share of the German chewing gum market.


In the past year 5 GUM was also launched in Spain, the UK, France and Greece. Austria launched in May 2010: the launches are usually accompanied by a major tailor-made event together with a high noise level on TV, billboards and the internet.


The success story resulted in a seven per cent increase in sales. And Wrigley is investing heavily to boost its success even further in Europe. In Germany, a secondary placement promotion is being run during July and August 2010, with four different collectible free “Inside Guides”. Three display sizes allow for customer-specific placement and fast sales. The guides will also be available on a microsite on the internet and there will also be an iPhone App.


And no end in sight for the success story, on the contrary …

Wrigley 5 GUM Electro.

Each flavor of the sugar-free chewing gum offers its own sensory sensation. The green mint brand Electro tingles on the tongue.

Wrigley 5 GUM all.

Overview: the 5 GUM brands Pulse, Cobalt, Electro and Flood.

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