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Date 30th June 2010 / www.procarton.com

Cartonboard is the packaging of kings


There was really only cartonboard to choose for packaging the exclusive chocolates commemorating the wedding of HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Mr. Daniel Westling on 19th June 2010 - by virtue of its excellent neutral sensory properties and printability.

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The carton holds unwrapped chocolates. When opened, the carton reveals a full colour portrait inside the lid of the Crown Princess and her husband. The outside of the box features the official wedding seal, a picture of the happy couple and a luxurious gold foil design based on a pattern from Drottningholm Palace.

The delectable contents were produced by Cloetta, Sweden’s oldest and only major confectionery company, founded in 1862. Cloetta has been a Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court since 1922 and is one of 16 Swedish companies approved by the Royal Court to develop products for "The Official Wedding Series".

The company has launched six new chocolate products including attractive chocolate boxes and chocolate bars for the occasion. Part of the revenue will be donated to the Crown Princess Couple’s Wedding Foundation, which aims to prevent social isolation and promote good health among children and youth in Sweden.

Cartonboard: Carta Solida by M-real, carton box: Chesapeake

Packaging of kings

Packaging of kings

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