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Date 30th May 2012 / www.procarton.com
Title Toothpastes and dialogue
Text For nearly two years now, all leading manufacturers of toothpaste have focused on using cartons again – not only in the premium range. They use the carton as medium for displaying image, brand and information content. Pro Carton has spoken to two of the leading brands. For download in print quality, please click on the photo.

Brands such as Sensodyne or Odol-med3 by GlaxoSmithKline and blend-a-med by Procter & Gamble have recognised, that tubes alone cannot meet the performance requirements for modern packaging. Only cartons allow the presentation of extensive product information in an attractive manner, and only cartons can provide adequate space for dialogue with customers.


Cartons can convey product features, instructions for use and other advisory information in a perfect visual manner, not only because they offer more space, but because they offer a variety of graphic design options – the optimal communication medium between the brand and the consumer.


Jürgen Berger, Senior Communication Manager North & West Europe of Glaxo SmithKline: “We were often asked to explain the prominent product features in more detail on the product, especially in the case of products requiring more explanation or medically positioned special dental creams. As this is not possible on the tube for space reasons, GSK have decided to create a carton design for these dental creams. Thus allows us to meet the increased information demands by customers and to highlight the high-quality medical positioning. In addition it is also considerably easier to achieve visual differentiation on the shelf using cartons.”

This is what the market wants
Melanie Fischer, press spokesperson at Procter & Gamble, can only agree: “Cartons have the big advantage that they can convey product communication and advertising messages.”


And Berger specifies “The decision to use cartons more and more was not an easy one. However, we are responding to the specific wishes of consumers and also ensure that the packaging can be recycled fully by using homogenous materials. We see clearly that consumers regard the additional packaging as something positive and understand its purpose. We are receiving increasing feedback that the carton is being perceived as a high-quality, hygienic and attractive medium for information.”


In other words: cartons pay off.

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