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Date 31st May 2011 / www.procarton.com

Cartons – best of the show


In the past two years, cartons have climbed to the summit of the worldwide packaging design competition Pentawards and won the Diamond Pentawards in both years: in 2009 the highly attractive “Kleenex Slice of Summer” from the USA, and in 2010 the luxurious hairstyling series “Hoyu 3210” from Japan. The jury was particularly impressed by the sparing use of information to make the design even more convincing. This confirms Pro Carton’s postulate that cartonboard is the ideal basis for bringing the message to the consumers!

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The Pentawards were created in 2007 as a worldwide competition for packaging. The founders, the leading packaging designers Jean Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, were intent on promoting creativity, innovation and qualitative excellence, as well as the readiness to explore boundaries, visual effects and communication. The freshness and appetising appeal of the Kleenex carton won over the hearts of the jury.


Jury member Lars Wallentin, packaging consultant, previously design and communication director at Nestlé Switzerland:

„A professional designer appreciates what is: attractive, surprising, new, simple, and not full of useless information. Kleenex Summer Triangles have all of the above. O course this is great design but most of all the consumer is not “bombarded” with information they don’t need or want. I just hope that marketing people and designers learn from Kleenex to know: (a) what legislation says, which in most cases is less than what they think; (b) what consumers really need and want as information; (c) that management often pretends a lot of information in order to “cover themselves”. Thus making it impossible to amplify the product advantages that help sales. Chapeau Kimberley-Clark!”


How do you explain why a jury spread over 12 different countries around the world finally selected the same best designs? Jury member Stan Church, founder, managing partner and executive creative director at Wallace Church Inc., New York:

When judging design work, the judges are, more often than not, award winners. They are continually involved in the process of design. In order to produce leading-edge work, you must know what has been done before and do it better. To create something that could be considered revolutionary should be the goal. The vast network of global communications today makes it possible to see the developments worldwide. Consequently jury members are well aware of what merely communicates, what is new and breakthrough, and that which is outstanding.


How would you advise young people wishing to become a packaging designer? Stan Church again:

“I inform my students and young designers that branding is the new opportunity. I make it clear to them that the value of package design discipline has never been greater. It is not just about the end result of a tactile package. It is how the package resonates with consumers – going beyond the surface, and grabbing their emotions. These are the items people see, purchase, and treasure. Our clients now finally understand that great packaging sells and, as a result, the consumer is demanding better and more creative solutions.”

On 29 September 2011 the next award winners will be announced in New York: www.pentawards.org


Source: Pentawards. The Package Design Book, Taschen Verlag, Cologne 2010.

Kleenex Summer Triangles

Kleenex Summer Triangles: The freshness and appetising appeal of the Kleenex carton won over the hearts of the jury.

Kleenex Summer Triangles
Kleenex Summer Triangles


Luxurious hairstyling series “Hoyu 3210”

Luxurious hairstyling series “Hoyu 3210”.


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