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Date 27th April 2012 / www.procarton.com
Title Innovation and more: presentation of the
15. Pro Carton/ECMA Award
Text A variety of innovations were the winners at the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards 2011 as part of the festive "Award Party“ of the International Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Three trends dominated: carton in place of other materials, packaging as a product and packaging on the Internet.

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The annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards have been awarded for 15 years now and have meanwhile become one of the most valued international prizes of its kind. The awards go to packaging which has already proven itself on the market. All award winners and numerous brand owners and agencies had come to the congress to receive their awards in person. With 114 entries from 15 countries the award had attracted the second largest number of participants ever.


The award ceremony of the Award Party in Düsseldorf's "Night Residence" was the ideal backdrop to networking in a relaxed atmosphere. A dynamic interlude by the cocktailshow "TakeTwo“ and a "Flying Dinner“ set the pace for a fulminant evening.


This year for the first time, the topic of sustainability was given an own category. Satkar Gidda of the design agency SiebertHead, chairman of the jury: "Brand owners are focusing more on sustainability and will be looking increasingly at cartonboard solutions. This is more than confirmed by the winning entry in this category, the Illy brand, with its "Astuccio monodose" by SA. GE Print, which changed from metal to cartonboard and where the company had little doubt about being able to maintain their brand value and premium positioning at the same time."


The most innovative cartonboard solution was entered by the STI Group: a waterproof tray designed to prevent glasses, plates and cutlery from slipping from the tray even at considerable angles.
Frank Ohle, Chairman of the Board at STI Group: "The award is a great motivation for our employees: recognition from reknown experts has confirmed that their work is exceptional and this has added to their enthusiasm and commitment. Enthusiasm is at the core of every successful business. And, of course, we will be here again next year and will be able to present exceptional ideas, that I can promise you already. We are presently entering areas not necessarily expected for cartonboard applications - and see considerable future potential there!"


Carton of the Year was awarded to a packaging which impressively improves on the previous form of metal packaging: the “ABT Hohlraumschachtel” is a valuable gift and packaging to customers by car tuners ABT. Thomas Schuh, Managing Director at MMP Schausberger: "The idea originated over two years ago, actual development time only took a few months. The competing product was a metal tin - an exciting project, as metal tins are difficult to beat for secondary use. Our advantage: the time-to-market is considerably faster. We are proud to take on the ambassador function for the cartonboard industry this year and will communicate the award as much as possible." Jury president Gidda: "The Carton of the Year is not only a structural masterpiece, it demonstrates masculinity in shape, colour and brand design. It has associations with a radiator grille on the front: the punched holes, which are absolutely new in this form, clearly make reference to the automotive product inside. This packaging detail alone was sufficient in attracting and keeping the eye."


The President's Special Award, which was awarded the first time this year, went to a car made of cartonboard - a major attraction, not only at the Pro Carton Congress. The Carton Smart is also the eye-catcher at many of the Smart presentations, be it in Barcelona, Paris or Brussels. Steffen Schnizer of Cartondruck had the idea: "The starting point was to replace all plastic parts of the Smart with cartonboard. Smart were with us right from the beginning. Holger Wingenfeld and Frank Etzel from our development department had to decide on how best to design a chassis which is both simple and yet provides the stiffness of a car chassis. After numerous trials they decided on a design consisting of small cartons. Colour design and implementation were the work of Berlin artist Sarah Illenberger. We wanted to open new doors together for cartonboard as a material. Winning this prize is a sign to all of us that it pays to venture into new territories."





ABT Hohlrahmenschachtel:
A gift with charisma


Anti-slib brand communications

Smart cartonboard speedster

Astuccio monodose:
Like metal, but easier to process


Yin Yang Verpackungsserie:
Success comes natural


Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay:
New perspectives for a classic product


Manufaktur Schokolade 80 g:
Feel the emotion of exceptional quality


UniqueSlim Slide Box:
Cartons: unique on the Internet


Grappe tascabili 20 pezzi:
Brightness on the shelf


Cafe Colombiano:
Perfect team play in the supply chain


Aqua Care:
Charming curves for the shelf


Tres Jolie box Celebrations:
A gift for family and friends


Detailed information with case studies on the winners and print-ready photos are available at http://www.procartonecmaaward.com – printed brochures in English are available from Pro Carton through Suzanne E. McEwen, mcewen@procarton.com
The call for entries for the new Award 2012 is already in progress, entry deadline is 8. June 2012.

Carton of the YearCarton of the Year

Carton of the Year: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Thomas Schuh, Andreas Blaschke (MMP Schausberger), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).

ABT Hohlrahmenschachtel


Most InnovativeMost Innovative

Most Innovative Carton: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Markus Müller (Iggesund), Prof. Frank Ohle (STI Group), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).


President's Special AwardCarton of the Year

President´s Special Award - Carton-Smart: Frank Etzel, Holger Wingenfeld, Steffen Schnizer (Cartondruck), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).



Sustainability: Alberto Luca, Claudia Versolato (SA.GE Print), Horst Bittermann (Mayr-Melnhof Karton).
Astuccio monodose.

Beauty & CosmeticsBeauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Mathias Welp (Carl Edelmann), Lars Scheidweiler (Sappi Alfeld), Ines Dalter (Deynique Cosmetics), Helmut Sieber (Carl Edelmann), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
Ying Yang Verpackungsserie


Beverages: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Öystein Aksnes (Stora Enso), Tonino Dominici (Boxmarche), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay



Confectionery: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Wolfgang Grotmann (Hammer Lübeck), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Lars Scheidweiler (Sappi), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury)
Manufaktur Schokolade 80g



Pharmaceuticals: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Sietze Stellingwerf (Intergrafik), Dirk Seebach (Iggesund), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
UniqueSlim Slide Box


Shelf ready & display packagingShelf ready & display packaging

Shelf Ready & Display Packaging: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Claudia Litzka (Iggesund), Virginio Scalabrin, Alberto Luca (Lucaprint), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
Grappe tascabili 20 pezzi


All other foodAll other food

All other food: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Tim Whitfield (Chesapeake Branded Packaging), Mervi Arpalahti (International Paper), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA).
Cafe Colombiano


All other non foodAll other non food

All other non food: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Helmut Gruber (Zhonghua Paper), Vic Acket (Acket drukerij kartonage) , Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
Aqua Care


Volume marketVolume market

Volume market: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Marvi Arpalahti (International Paper), Lonneke Wouters-van Kassel (Mars Nederland), Neil Broklebank (Van Genechten Biermans), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Satkar Gidda (President of the Jury).
Tres Jolie box celebration


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