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Date 27th April 2012 / www.procarton.com
Title Young and vibrant: Pro Carton Design Awards 2012
Text The relaunch of the International Pro Carton Design Award after a break of four years proved highly successful. Nearly 70 entries from eight European countries showed significantly higher professionalism and fantastic, well-thought out concepts. The winners were two customer-oriented projects: "Pocket Aid", an innovative packaging for plasters, and "Cupholder" for use in cars.
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The International Pro Carton Design Award is a biannual competition open to students. It honours new, as yet not realised design ideas in the field of cartonboard applications. The objective is to discover as yet unrealised solutions and designs throughout Europe, to present them to the public, and possibly, to put them into practice. In 2012, the European competition was held for the third time, but for the first time without preceding national competitions. The competition was open for all of Europe, both East and West.


This is all about promoting new packaging design and young design talents. For many of them it is their first contact with cartonboard as a packaging and design material and a challenge to their creativity. All entries for 2012 were focused on the needs of consumers - the young designers put themselves into their place and think of specific situations where their ideas could be useful.


The jury selected six finalists from the entries, two of which went on to become winners. The jury was made up of leading European experts from different parts of the supply chain: Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead, Chairman) for design, Wilfried Duivenvoorden (Unilever) for brand owners, and John de Somer (Van Genechten) for converters. The prizes for the winners included a practical week at a European design agency as well as a practical week with experts from all sections of the supply chain, and also practical days in a leading company of the cartonboard and carton industry.


All finalists felt honoured by participating in the competition and the award ceremony as part of the Pro Carton Congress, but even more so by the stimulating and motivating contact with a world so different from their educational establishments. Maria Pramberger, packaging winner with the innovative plaster packaging "Pocket Aid“: "The award is a great honour for me, and a unique opportunity: it is very pleasing to be noticed by the world at large. In our studies we work hard on looking at the problems of users and try to replicate them. This has certainly paid off."


Her colleague, Joseph Rathkolb, winner with the "Cupholder“ for cars, said: "Actually my background is mechanical engineering. Contact with industry via design is a completely new, and enriching, experience for me." His tutor at the advanced technical Ortwein school in Graz adds: "I am happy for my students that our ideas have passed the test of an objective authority in the business world. A colleague told me about the competition. We have participated for the first time, but definitely not the last time!"


Detailed information with print-ready images is available at www.procartondesignaward.com – as well as the announcement for the coming Pro Carton Design Award 2014.

Roland Rex and Satkar Gidda, Winners

Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Joseph Rathkolb (Winner other applications), Maria Pramberger (Winner packaging), Satkar Gidda (President of the jury).

Professors, Winner

Professor Stefan Buchberger, Joseph Rathkolb, Maria Pramberger, Professor Susanne Lippitsch.

Professors, Winner, Finalists

Professor Stefan Buchberger, Damaris Walter, Victoria Pucher, Kalina Hristova (Finalists), Roland Rex, Professor Susanne Lippitsch. In front: Joseph Rathkolb, Maria Pramberger (Winners).

Pocket Aid

Maria Pamberger, Winner packaging: Pocket Aid.


Joseph Rathkolb / Patrick Schiestl, Winner other applications: Cupholder


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Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.