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Date 28th April 2011 / www.procarton.com

Save Food: protection wins


Estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) suggest that worldwide between 20 and 75 % of foods are somehow lost. Much of this could be saved: by “Save Food”. Together with the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Düsseldorf Fair will be holding a congress on this topic as part of the Interpack 2011 exhibition. With cartons being the most sustainable and consumer-preferred packaging, they are a major contributor to ensuring that foods reach consumers in perfect condition and can be handled with care in households, states Pro Carton’s President, Roland Rex.

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Hunger despite surplus: in Europe alone, up to 30 per cent of foods are wasted, that amounts to 71 million tons, or 300 kg per capita. For us too, the battle against food loss has become a focal point of sustainable development. “We must search for solutions along the entire food value chain – ” from farm to fork“. It is extremely important to heighten people’s awareness of this problem and for them to modify their behaviour” , said Robert van Otterdijk, official representative of the FAO for the initiative „Save Food“.

At the “Save Food“ congress during the Interpack in Düsseldorf on 16 and 17 May the World Food Organisation will present three new studies based on current research in developed countries, developing countries, and emerging countries. “Save Food“will highlight the dimensions and causes of global food loss and will also show which contribution packaging can play in saving foodstuffs.

Important aspects for “Save Food“ include sustainable packaging, storage and transportation. Roland Rex, President of Pro Carton: “The cartonboard and carton industry offer solutions to counteract food loss with sustainable concepts along the entire value chain. For example, cartons can be conveniently stacked, both on the shelf and at home, and they facilitate handling, not only in the supply chain. Customised packaging safeguards foods both from a hygiene and mechanical point of view, as well as by perfect transportation. Packaging developers provide high levels of functionality and weight reduction by the further development of carton types using state-of-the-art packaging design and concepts.”

However, a lot depends on consumer behaviour in the so-called rich countries. Here, carton packaging can play a useful role. Rex: “Cartons are far better equipped than other packaging media for printing with information. Notes on correct storage and timely consumption are far more visual and offer higher retention values. Cartons also tip less easy than plastic bags and are therefore well suited for storing foods. Usually cartons are resealable which allows easy portioning of the contents. Optimised package sizes ensure that consumers only buy what they really require prior to expiry dates. New forms of Smart-Packaging support the careful handling of foods, for example, by providing additional information on the contents by printed and easy-to-read codes. Here too, cartons are unbeatable.“

Pro Carton at Interpack, 12.- 18. May 2011, Please visit us in hall 7a Stand 7aB31. www.interpack.com

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