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Date 25th March 2010 / www.procarton.com
Title Global decision makers: Corporate Responsibility is becoming more and more important
Text The Consumer Goods Forum recently released its latest Top of Mind Survey, which reveals the priorities of 345 key decision-makers in global retail and consumer goods companies across 46 countries. Priorities for the consumer goods industry: Companies continue to fight effects of the financial crisis, yet refuse to put social and environmental responsibilities on the back burner. For download in print quality, please click on the photo.

The Consumer Goods Forum is an independent global parity-based Consumer Goods network. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of around 650 retailers, manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders across 70 countries.
The Forum was created in June 2009 by the merger of CIES - The Food Business Forum, the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) and the Global CEO Forum. The Consumer Goods Forum is governed by its Board of Directors, which includes an equal number of manufacturer and retailer CEOs and chairpersons. Forum member companies have combined sales of EUR 2.1 trillion. The Forum provides a unique global platform for thought leadership, knowledge exchange and networking between retailers, manufacturers and their partners on collaborative, non-competitive issues.

Top of Mind
The survey, conducted twice annually, found that while the economic environment and consumer trends remain the number one focus for over half of respondents, corporate responsibility has actually moved up the overall rankings from third to second place in 2010. In other words: To be attractive, products of the future should be sustainable.
Already since 2009, Pro Carton has had both topics on top of its agenda. Stéphane Thiollier, President of Pro Carton: “This recent study has confirmed our integral approach. Consumers want to have as much value for money as possible, but they also want products from enterprises who feel responsible for the society and the environment. Pro Carton is working intensively to support these enterprises.”

Set to Inspire
The fact that brand manufacturers and retailers have chosen precisely this time to unite in The Consumer Goods Forum, on an even-handed basis, puts even more emphasis on the opportunity to collaborate and work together on non-competitive industry issues and process improvements, which help all parties to meet consumer needs.
Reviewing the survey results, The Consumer Goods Forum’s Managing Director Jean-Marc Saubade, commented: “These findings demonstrate that, faced with a discount mindset that may prevail beyond the recession, the consumer goods industry has recognised this prime opportunity to inspire consumers again. Consumers now expect high quality at low prices, and the drive to meet their needs is fostering tremendous innovation from brands and in retail formats. Meanwhile, it is encouraging to see that corporate responsibility has not only withstood the pressures of the economic crisis, but has even risen up the rankings this year – proof that its influence on the corporate agenda is here to stay.”


The results in detail

ISSUE % choosing





The economy and consumer demand
(energy costs, demographic change, consumer trends)
50.4 1 1
Corporate social responsibility
(sustainability, social standards, corporate governance)
38.1 2 3
The competitive landscape
(consolidation, discount, new channels)
33.1 3 4
Food and product safety
(standards, traceability, consumer confidence)
31.7 4 2
Retailer-supplier relations
(trade costs, pricing, collaboration)
29.9 5 =5
The retail/brand offer
(price points, assortment, format)
26.75 6 =5
Consumer health & nutrition
(product development, labelling, education)
22.3 7 7
Consumer marketing
(advertising, loyalty programmes, promotions, customer
18.2 8 8
Technology and supply chain
(logistics, out-of-stocks, in-store technology)
16.1 9 9
(international expansion, global sourcing)
13.8 10 11
Human resources
(staff recruitment and retention, operational performance)
10.3 11 10
(store openings, pricing, labelling)
6.5 12 12
Jean-Marc Saubade

Jean-Marc Saubade, Managing Director of “Consumer Goods Forum”: "The consumer goods industry has recognised this prime opportunity to inspire consumers again."

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Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.